Crimes and trials


What's a crime?

In ArcheAge, stealing, assaulting or killing people from your faction is a crime. When you commit a crime, you leave proofs behind (small footprints or blood). You also get crime points depending on the evidences. A footprint gives 3 crime points to the criminal. As for bloodstains, it depends on their size. The biggest gives 5 crime points and the smallest gives 1 crime point. When you reach 50 crime points, you become a Wanted player. Then, once you die, you can either choose to go on trial or serve your sentence in jail.

Infamy Points

Each time you gain a crime point, you also gain an infamy point. The main difference between the two is that infamy points don't decrease when you are judged. Also, once you reach 3000 Infamy Points, you become a Pirate. More information : Piracy.

Report a crime

All you have to do is click on the bloodstains or footprints left behind. You can then leave a comment that will be seen by the jurors before submitting it. Try to be clear and concise so the jury can give the most appropriate sentence.

How to repent?

You can do daily quests to reduce your crime points and infamy points. More information : Crime Points Dailies.
However, once you are wanted, even if you reduced your crime points to 0, you will be sent to the court house when you die.


Court House Location

The court houses are in Marianople (Nuia) and in Austera (Haranya).

Being part of the jury

To be eligible, you must have 0 infamy point and be at least level 30. If you have infamy points, do the daily quests to reduce them. Once you are eligible, you just have to complete the following quest line.


Name Level Area
Innocent When Proven Guilty 1 30 Marianople
Innocent When Proven Guilty 2 30 Marianople
Innocent When Proven Guilty 3 30 Marianople
Innocent When Proven Guilty 4 30 Marianople


Name Level Area
Witness Protection 1 30 Solis Headlands
Witness Protection 2 30 Solis Headlands
Witness Protection 3 30 Solis Headlands
Witness Protection 4 30 Solis Headlands