Hound of Kyrios

General Information

Hound of KyriosLevel 50

Grade: MythicAggressive
Kind: Demon


Cut[Monster]: Metalgeist's Swing
Terrifying Roar[Monster] nonhuman
Hand Cannon[Monster]: nonhuman - Armored Spirit's Hand Cannon
Telekinesis[Monster]: Flying Launch
Barrage[Monster]: nonhuman - Armored Spirit
Slash 2[Monster]: Metalgeist's Swing
LassoCome to me, cheater!
Cut[Monster]: Metalgeist's Swing


NameDrop rateMin. amountMax. amount
Reckless Captain's Helm100%11
Reckless Captain's Cuirass100%11
Reckless Captain's Vambraces100%11
Reckless Captain's Gauntlets100%11
Reckless Captain's Tassets100%11
Reckless Captain's Greaves100%11
Reckless Captain's Sabatons100%11
Hound of Kyrios Statue0.001%11
Gilt Hound of Kyrios Statue0.00025%11
Unidentified Nightblade Weapon0.0002%11
Unidentified Astral Ranger Weapon0.0002%11
Unidentified Scion Weapon0.0002%11
Unidentified Nightblade Armor0.0002%11
Unidentified Scion Armor0.0002%11
Unidentified Astral Ranger Armor0.0002%11
Jester's Coinpurse100%11
Unidentified Dreadnaught Accessory0.0002%11
Unidentified Shroudmaster Accessory0.0002%11
Unidentified Fine Lunarite0.0002%11
Unidentified Lunarite0.0002%11
Iron Armor Fragment0.0002%11