General Information

AnthalonLevel 50

Grade: MythicAggressive
Kind: Undead


Mana Stars[Monster Skill] Mana Blade: nonhuman
Crippling Mire[Monster Skill] Restriction of Death: humanoid, 18 sec cooldown Absorb damage while casting for 1 second.
Festival of the Dead[Monster Skill] Anthalon: Summon Wraith
Absorb Mind[Monster Skill] Burn Anthalon's Mana
Necromantic Flame[Monster Skill] Anthalon's Telekinesis


NameDrop rateMin. amountMax. amount
Corrupted Kyrios Hood100%11
Corrupted Kyrios Shirt100%11
Corrupted Kyrios Sleeves100%11
Corrupted Kyrios Gloves100%11
Corrupted Kyrios Sash100%11
Corrupted Kyrios Pants100%11
Corrupted Kyrios Shoes100%11
Anthalon Statue0.001%11
Gilt Anthalon Statue0.00025%11
Unidentified Nightblade Weapon0.0002%11
Unidentified Astral Ranger Weapon0.0002%11
Unidentified Scion Weapon0.0002%11
Unidentified Nightblade Armor0.0002%11
Unidentified Scion Armor0.0002%11
Unidentified Astral Ranger Armor0.0002%11
Jester's Coinpurse100%11
Unidentified Dreadnaught Accessory0.0002%11
Unidentified Shroudmaster Accessory0.0002%11
Unidentified Fine Lunarite0.0002%11
Unidentified Lunarite0.0002%11
Sunlight Archeum Crystal100%13
Moonlight Archeum Crystal100%13
Starlight Archeum Crystal100%13
Sunlight Archeum Essence0.0002%12
Moonlight Archeum Essence0.0002%12
Starlight Archeum Essence0.0002%12
Cart Wheel0.0004%13
경매장 등록 해제권(테스트)0.0008%13
Farm Cart Design0.0008%13