Main story


The Prophet Terrien2Solzreed Peninsula
A Mysterious Visitor4Solzreed Peninsula
Golden Mark4Solzreed Peninsula
Divine Intervention4Solzreed Peninsula
Warning the Villagers4Solzreed Peninsula
An Urgent Message5Solzreed Peninsula
The General's Orders5Solzreed Peninsula
Battle by the Bay5Solzreed Peninsula
The Bloodhands' Agenda6Solzreed Peninsula
A Deadly Plot7Solzreed Peninsula
Truth Extraction7Solzreed Peninsula
Ahead of the Hunters7Solzreed Peninsula
The Search for Sloane8Solzreed Peninsula
Sloane's Secret8Solzreed Peninsula
A Dead Man's Wish9Solzreed Peninsula
Flora's Lament10Solzreed Peninsula
The Price of Friendship11Lilyut Hills
Malcolm's Madness11Lilyut Hills
Tragedy in Riverspan11Lilyut Hills
A Common Past11Lilyut Hills
A Mother's Tale13Lilyut Hills
The Wizard Malphus13Lilyut Hills
A Child's Plight14Lilyut Hills
The Key to Your Past14Lilyut Hills
The Hunt is On14Lilyut Hills
To the Lonely Oasis15Dewstone Plains
An Unexpected Reunion16Dewstone Plains
The Bloodhand Camp16Dewstone Plains
Secrets in Sandcloud16Dewstone Plains
The Bloodhands' Warehouse17Dewstone Plains
A Message from Marian18Dewstone Plains
A Sudden Farewell18Dewstone Plains
Finding Nui's Chosen18Dewstone Plains
The Forest of the Dead20White Arden
Meeting the Chosen20White Arden
An Endless War21White Arden
The Arden Guard's Stronghold22White Arden
To the Hereafter Gate22White Arden
The Search for Atalantia23White Arden
Zaltan's Test24Marianople
Zaltan's Approval24Marianople
A Strange Request24Marianople
The Ghost of Sloane25Marianople
Not Quite Retired25Marianople
The Bloodhand Farm26Marianople
A Day at the Park26Marianople
Chasing the Ring26Marianople
For Marian27Two Crowns
Battle with Malcolm27Two Crowns
Lucius Quinto27Two Crowns
Power Over Life and Death27Two Crowns
Runebearer28Two Crowns
Tying Up Loose Ends28Two Crowns


The Field of Honor1Gweonid Forest
Choose Your Challenger3Gweonid Forest
To the Tournament3Gweonid Forest
Choose Your Weapon5Gweonid Forest
A Worthy Opponent5Gweonid Forest
A Meeting in Memoria6Gweonid Forest
A Chance for Justice6Gweonid Forest
Clearing Your Name6Gweonid Forest
The Eye of Truth7Gweonid Forest
Belion's Request7Gweonid Forest
Searching for Answers7Gweonid Forest
The Missing Messenger8Gweonid Forest
Menacing Mushrooms8Gweonid Forest
Bearer of Bad News9Gweonid Forest
A Nation Spurned9Gweonid Forest
A Familiar Face10Lilyut Hills
Presents and Politics10Lilyut Hills
Far From Home10Gweonid Forest
Glittering Prizes11Lilyut Hills
A Sage Obsessed11Lilyut Hills
Ghostly Guardian11Lilyut Hills
To Catch a Thief12Lilyut Hills
Lord Graillent12Lilyut Hills
Lord Graillent's Test14Lilyut Hills
A Failed Alliance14Lilyut Hills
Return to Deltokin14Lilyut Hills
The Road to Dewstone14Lilyut Hills
Eluna's Misfortune15Dewstone Plains
Toxin Technician15Dewstone Plains
A True Survivor15Dewstone Plains
The Elves in Sandtooth16Dewstone Plains
The Dahuta Cult17Dewstone Plains
Archbishop Lisandel18Dewstone Plains
Belion's Madness20White Arden
Averting Disaster20White Arden
The Tide of Vengeance20White Arden
The Heart of White Arden20White Arden
Enter White Arden20Dewstone Plains
The Sealstone21White Arden
Battle in White Arden21White Arden
The Sundered Sealstone21White Arden
Closing the Gate21White Arden
The Wyrdwind Alliance23White Arden
An Alliance at Last24Marianople
A Mysterious Note24Marianople
Cultists in Marianople24Marianople
The Race to Save Ehnoïr25Marianople
Under Dahuta's Veil25Marianople
Kings and Widows27Two Crowns
Deltokin's Fate27Marianople
A New Destiny28Two Crowns
The King's Command28Two Crowns
A Visit from the Past28Marianople


Facing the Mahra2Falcorth Plains
The Trials Begin3Falcorth Plains
The Cliffs of Rebirth3Falcorth Plains
Whimsical Wanderer3Falcorth Plains
Dangerous Game3Falcorth Plains
Fleeing Whisperwind3Falcorth Plains
Name of the Shaman3Falcorth Plains
Soul-Cleansing5Falcorth Plains
Unexpected Blessing5Falcorth Plains
The Last Spirit6Falcorth Plains
The Refugee in Oxion7Falcorth Plains
Fire Fighter7Falcorth Plains
To Cloudgrain Village7Falcorth Plains
Ghosts in the Mist8Falcorth Plains
Into the Deep8Falcorth Plains
Mechanical Menace9Falcorth Plains
Lake of Living Death9Falcorth Plains
In the Footsteps of Greatness9Falcorth Plains
Tigerspine9Falcorth Plains
The Necromancer's Face10Tigerspine Mountains
Seller of Souls10Tigerspine Mountains
Golgi's Curse11Tigerspine Mountains
Souleye Searching11Tigerspine Mountains
Fellow Searchers11Tigerspine Mountains
Among the Spiders12Tigerspine Mountains
Cocoon12Tigerspine Mountains
The Windwhips' Chest12Tigerspine Mountains
Song of Tigerseye13Tigerspine Mountains
The Madame's Mansion14Tigerspine Mountains
Dark Evidence14Tigerspine Mountains
Into the City14Tigerspine Mountains
Shadow of a Shadowhawk15Mahadevi
Help for a Hawk15Mahadevi
Upstanding Citizens15Mahadevi
Cutting the Code16Mahadevi
Serving Duty16Mahadevi
Familiar Faces16Mahadevi
Crofting Life16Mahadevi
Infiltrating the Lab17Mahadevi
A Place of Horrors17Mahadevi
Shadowhawks' Most Wanted17Mahadevi
Toward the Sunrise17Solis Headlands
Task Board Truth20Solis Headlands
The Windwhips20Solis Headlands
A New Agreement20Solis Headlands
Tracking Grell20Solis Headlands
Unexpected Meetings22Solis Headlands
The Souleye's Power22Solis Headlands
Negotiations22Solis Headlands
Song of a Distant Harbor22Solis Headlands
To Villanelle22Solis Headlands
The Secret Location25Villanelle
Meeting Nalyn25Villanelle
The Souleye's Return25Villanelle
Shadows in the Light25Villanelle
The Last Spirit Returns25Villanelle
Into the Wind25Villanelle
An Old Friend27Silent Forest
Trustworthy Rumors28Silent Forest
Treebane Mysteries28Silent Forest
Path of the Wind28Silent Forest


A Missing Dog2Arcum Iris
A Grim Discovery3Arcum Iris
The Mysterious Box3Arcum Iris
Dangerous Contents3Arcum Iris
Shady Dealings3Arcum Iris
A Respectable Businessman5Arcum Iris
Contacting the Shadowhawks5Arcum Iris
Your First Contact5Arcum Iris
A Pleasant Conversation5Arcum Iris
Playing it Safe6Arcum Iris
Contamination Retaliation6Arcum Iris
Meeting Haman6Arcum Iris
Honor Amongst Thieves7Arcum Iris
Escape from Serpent's Pass8Arcum Iris
Ruthless Tactics8Arcum Iris
A Morbid Memento8Arcum Iris
The Path of Vengeance9Arcum Iris
Innocent Victims10Tigerspine Mountains
Dangerous Cargo10Tigerspine Mountains
Baht's Invitation10Tigerspine Mountains
Joining the Shadowhawks10Tigerspine Mountains
Bladewing Delivery11Tigerspine Mountains
Blunt Instrument11Tigerspine Mountains
Promised Payment12Tigerspine Mountains
Counterintelligence12Tigerspine Mountains
Into the Field13Tigerspine Mountains
The Mayor of Tigerseye14Tigerspine Mountains
Feigned Formalities14Tigerspine Mountains
Friends in High Places14Tigerspine Mountains
Raiding the Shrine14Tigerspine Mountains
Go to Ground14Tigerspine Mountains
To the City of Towers14Tigerspine Mountains
A Second Chance15Mahadevi
Going Rogue15Mahadevi
Terror in the Temple16Mahadevi
Mission Accomplished16Mahadevi
A Shadowhawk at Last16Mahadevi
Vincenzio's Fate16Mahadevi
A Lucky Break16Mahadevi
Vincenzio's Trail16Mahadevi
A City at Risk17Mahadevi
The Origin of the Iron Crescent17Mahadevi
The Helm of Kyrios17Mahadevi
The Middleman17Solis Headlands
The Mad Scholar20Solis Headlands
Laying the Bait22Solis Headlands
Keeping Secrets22Solis Headlands
A Glimpse of Destruction22Solis Headlands
Baht's Betrayal22Solis Headlands
A Brother in Arms22Solis Headlands
Vincenzio's Family25Villanelle
The Ashen Altar25Villanelle
A Dying Wish25Villanelle
Misar the Coward25Villanelle
The Fight to Haman25Villanelle
The Tower of Lord Ashabel25Villanelle
Lord Ashabel25Villanelle
Parting Ways25Villanelle
A Shadowhawk's Request27Silent Forest
Anthalon's Invasion28Silent Forest
Baht's Final Gift28Silent Forest