Lord's Order: 200 Honor Reward50Nuimari
Lord's Order: 500 Honor Reward50Nuimari
Lord's Order: 1,000 Honor Reward50Nuimari
Lord's Order: 400 Badge Reward50Gweonid Forest
Lord's Order: 1k Badge Reward50Gweonid Forest
Lord's Order: 2k Badge Reward50Gweonid Forest


Lord's Order: 200 Honor Reward50Heedmar
Lord's Order: 500 Honor Reward50Heedmar
Lord's Order: 1,000 Honor Reward50Heedmar
Lord's Order: 400 Badge Reward50Heedmar
Lord's Order: 1k Badge Reward50Heedmar
Lord's Order: 2k Badge Reward50Heedmar


Lord's Order: 200 Honor Reward50Marcala
Lord's Order: 500 Honor Reward50Marcala
Lord's Order: 1k Reward50Marcala
Lord's Order: 400 Badge Reward50Marcala
Lord's Order: 1k Badge Reward50Marcala
Lord's Order: 2k Badge Reward50Marcala


Lord's Order: 200 Honor Reward50Calmlands
Lord's Order: 500 Honor Reward50Calmlands
Lord's Order: 1k Honor Reward50Calmlands
Lord's Order: 400 Badge Reward50Calmlands
Lord's Order: 1k Badge Reward50Calmlands
Lord's Order: 2k Badge Reward50Calmlands

Sungold Fields

A War Beyond Time50Sungold Fields
Sacred Branches50Sungold Fields
Bountiful Lands50Sungold Fields
Sacred Ore50Sungold Fields
Sanctified Land50Sungold Fields
Sacred Stone50Sungold Fields
Water of Life50Sungold Fields
Epherium Army's Conquest50Sungold Fields
The Head of the Beast50Sungold Fields
Meina's Thirst50Sungold Fields
Glenn's Hunger50Sungold Fields


Destroying the Necklace0Exeloch
The Path to Exeloch50Exeloch
Secrets of Serpentis50Exeloch
Entering Serpentis50Exeloch
Monday Quest50Exeloch
Tuesday Quest50Exeloch
Wednesday Quest50Exeloch
Thursday Quest50Exeloch
Friday Quest50Exeloch
Saturday Quest50Exeloch
Sunday Quest50Exeloch
Defeat the Epherium Vanguard50Exeloch
Defeat the Zandanas50Exeloch
Prepare for the Zandana's Sorcery50Exeloch
Rebuild the Epherium Stronghold50Exeloch
Reconstruction Remains50Exeloch
Zandana Pillar50Exeloch
Queen's Necklace50Exeloch
Summon the Spirit50Exeloch
Spirit Guardian50Exeloch
Time of Mourning50Exeloch
The Prophecy50Exeloch

Diamond Shores

Fishing Cove: Sturgeon50Diamond Shores
Fishing Cove: Sailfish50Diamond Shores
Fishing Cove: Bluefin Tuna50Diamond Shores
Fishing Cove: Marlin50Diamond Shores
A Tracker's Offer50Diamond Shores
The Hunt50Diamond Shores
The Wyrmkin Attack50Diamond Shores
The Eastern Shore50Diamond Shores
The Wailing Ghost50Diamond Shores
The Western Shore50Diamond Shores
A Man Trapped in Time50Diamond Shores
The Missing Researcher50Diamond Shores
Vital Information50Diamond Shores
The Ghost Menagerie50Diamond Shores
Anthalon's Chosen52Diamond Shores
The Aust Followers' Messenger52Diamond Shores
Wereshark Instigators52Diamond Shores
Menagerie Mayhem52Diamond Shores
A Desperate Bargain52Diamond Shores
A Unique Pastime52Diamond Shores
A Risky Assignment52Diamond Shores
Ancient Appetites52Diamond Shores
Boote's Figurines52Diamond Shores