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Crimson Rift


Once you reach level 40, you can participate in the Crimson Rift.

Continent Location Time
Nuia Cinderstone Moor Noon
Haranya Ynystere Noon

Rift explanations

The Crimson rift starts in one of the places circled in the images above. When it appears, the following message is displayed : "The rift reappears! A dismal warhorn echoes through the land". Look in the sky. If you see a big black thundercloud like the one below, then you are at the right place. Else, move to the other spots.

The rift consists of 5 waves of mobs. At approximately 12h20, the following message is displayed : "Echoes of boots pounding in unison fill the sky". Right after that, 20 Crimson Army Infantrymans and 20 Crimson Army Archers spawn. When you are done with this first wave or if you took more than 15 minutes to kill them, a new message appears on your screen : "The clash of swords and the crackle of magic reverberate through the void". It means the second wave is here. After killing the 20 Crimson Army Reserves and 20 Crimson Army Soldiers, the next message is displayed : "A vicious warcry ravages the air as spears crash". This third wave is special. In addition to Crimson Army Commanders and Crimson Army Spearmans, mobs from the first wave appear again. Focus the spearmans and the commanders first or else you won't be able to complete the quest. By the way, only the first hit is taken into account to validate the quests. Your raid doesn't have to be the one to kill them. Once they are done with their quests, everyone seems to just return to their usual activities. However, the rift doesn't stop there!

The fun only starts at the 4th wave. Two Hounds of Kyrios spawn. Their rank is mythic and they each have 467 580 HP. Don't try to take them down together! Pull one of them, kill him then attack the other one. As for their attacks, they are listed here :

Name Description
LassoPulls the target
Hand CannonLaunches a powerful attack against the ennemy. Also gives the buff "Prepared for Launch" to the Hound of Kyrios. This buff renders it immune to physical and magical attacks
CutPowerful fire attack
BarrageOnce its HP are below a certain amount, it will start using this attack which puts ennemies into the air

After killing them, the big boss appears with his subordinates. Anthalon is one of the thoughest boss out there. Few know of its existence. It's such a pity! Isn't he kind of cool? I like his design and would be glad to have his statue in my house *-*. But enough chitchat. Like the mobs from the 4th wave, Anthalon is a mythic rank monster. To kill him, you will have to put quite a fight since he has 1 168 750 HP. Yes, that's a lot.

Name Description
Festival of the Dead
Absorb Mind
Mana Stars
Crippling Mire
Necromantic Flame

For now, I don't know a lot about him. I've not even seen someone try to kill him. As I said, it's a pity since this boss drops a pretty good armor set, a cool statue for your house and is part of a quest line which gives a good ring.